AgilityWare Consulting is the right choice.

AgilityWare has a combined four decades of Software Development Lifecycle Management experience. Our experts have seen first-hand the quality, effectiveness, and employee satisfaction that the Agile methodology sparks in great development teams.  Our approach focuses on delivering value to your business.


AgilityWare uses a combination of modalities to support teams in their mastery of Agile practices to improve team output and project quality. Our expertise spans both the Product and Engineering worlds to help balance the voice of the business (the “What”) and the voice of the development team (the “How”) to ensure clear alignment to business priority and engineering best practices.



Our approach includes:

Phase 1: Diagnostic discovery to uncover improvement opportunities.

Phase 2: Direct instruction of process basics.

Phase 3: Expert modeling of best practices.

Phase 4: Guided practice for key team members.

Phase 5: Supportive coaching and data analysis for continued improvement.


Agile software and consulting